Who is Limba?

At Limba we design clothing we want to wear. Our goal is to create clothing that gives women the flexibility to move through life with comfort and style.

More about the brand

Limba is an emerging brand focusing in stylish and contemporary designs for the women who define their own look. At Limba we carefully select fabric-using only natural fibres – for its colour, great drape, uniqueness, and easy care.

Who does our brand cater for?

Women of all ages and races across the board .In fact anyone who intends to enjoy life comfortably arrayed with an image that complements them.

Why do these women choose Limba Clothing?

It’s fun, stylish, unique, simple, comfortable, liberating, artistic, carefree, user friendly with a forgiving fit, casual, dressy, versatile, washable, great for travel, packs well, it’s handmade locally and attention to detail finishing. Clothing by Limba allows women to adapt to any event with ease. Dress it up, dress it down – with a few designs the possibilities are endless.

Mission statement

A true representation of our inspiration is reflected in how we present a woman in an elegant yet simple form. It is our enthusiasm to change in form what would be rather an easy-going personality into a woman with substance and presence. The garment we put on every woman’s back should not only project the personality but also the façade of one’s self.